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Money Facts - Building and Retaining Your Wealth with Your Legacy Wealth Financial Dream Team

September 01, 20235 min read

Building and managing your business and your wealth is a continuous process. To ensure that you are on the right road it is important to be adaptable and resilient regarding the ever-changing financial landscape. Today we want to discuss the importance of building and retaining your "Legacy Wealth Financial Dream Team." This team of financial professionals works on your behalf to provide you with expert guidance and strategic planning, while offering experienced insights for growing your wealth. By creating and regularly consulting with your ‘Financial Dream Team’ you can meet your wealth goals faster, pivot based on current market conditions, and make more informed decisions to retain and protect your wealth.


What is a financial dream team? This is your resolute team of experts that you hire to maximize, prioritize, retain, and grow your wealth. This team manages your personal wealth. Your wealth is made up of both your thriving business and your additional investments that contribute to your personal wealth and long-term success. This team meets together, as a group monthly, as opposed to the traditional model of meeting with each professional annually on an individual basis.


Who Is on Your Financial Dream Team? Your Financial Dream Team’s purpose is to meet your specific financial needs and goals, and typically, includes the following key members:


  • Wealth Advisor or Financial Planner: A trusted wealth advisor is on your team to provide you with comprehensive guidance on your overall financial strategy, including your investments, retirement and estate planning, and works to limit your risk

  • CPA Accountant: Your accountant ensures that your financials are in order, manages your tax planning, and has the experience to look for opportunities to regularly reduce your tax liability legally for protection and retention of your assets

  • Estate Planning Attorney: This professional assists you in creating and updating your wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents, ensuring your assets are protected. In addition, your estate plan ensures your estate is distributed to your loved ones, according to your wishes. Additionally, the estate planner will offer suggestions and insights into creating ways to pay less taxes, allowing you to leave more of your wealth to your family. Clients can initially feel uncomfortable discussing this topic, however, once the plan is in place you will feel more confident about your future choices and in your ability to retain and protect your wealth.

 Additional members (as needed)

  • Insurance Specialist: An insurance expert can help you assess your insurance needs, whether it is life, health, property, or liability insurance, to ensure you have adequate coverage and that you are not overpaying for protection.

  • Personal Banker/Financial Institution: Maintaining a relationship with a banker or with your financial institution can provide you with access to new financial products, loans, and additional credit lines.

Part of having a Financial Dream Team is the ability to have regular check-Ins. This is vital to your success and allows you to stay on track with your wealth goals. By holding monthly group meetings with your Financial Dream Team, you can make necessary adjustments quickly, while saving time. Consider that you may currently meet with each member of your team on an annual or biannual basis. Financial markets are dynamic. Regular team meetings help you to adjust your investment portfolio to align with changing market conditions, allowing you to capitalize on growing your personal investments.

Another component to consider is tax efficiency. Tax laws change on an annual basis so having this type of communication allows you to change your tax strategy. Regular discussions with your accountant can help you optimize your tax situation and identify new opportunities. Additional topics for regular team check-ins can include:

  • Estate Planning: Life events, such as marriage, divorce, or the birth of children, can impact your estate planning needs. Regular meetings ensure that your plans remain current.

  • Risk Management: Your insurance needs evolve as your financial situation changes. An insurance specialist provides safeguards so that you have the right coverage in place and can also provide additional investment strategies.

Traditionally you may meet with each of your financial team members individually on an annual or biannual basis. When was the last time you met with your financial team, as a group?

For example, by utilizing the financial dream team system, with our clients, we see a consistent increase in their personal wealth by a minimum of 20% - 30% on an annual basis. Utilizing this team approach will greatly increases the probability of meeting your financial goals at a faster rate. Having a resolute team that is analyzing, tracking, and optimizing your investments, taxes and assets helps you to grow your wealth faster and more effectively.

We make decisions by design, default, or disease. Your financial dream team can proactively decrease risk and loss, allowing you to design your future. They can lower your risk while saving you money, resources, and time. A lack of attention to details minimizes overall profitability creating the inability to retain your wealth. What does it cost you not meeting with your financial team monthly?

Here are some of the things you will gain from creating your Legacy Wealth Financial Dream Team:

  • More time to enjoy your life with the people you love

  • More wealth with less work, effort, and struggle

  • More money for charities and causes that are important to you

  • The ability to preserve your wealth using initiative-taking management and with appropriate strategies.

  • Mitigating risk by diversifying your investments

  • Assisting with the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next through strategic asset allocation and estate planning

  • Collaborating with other professionals, including attorneys and CPAs, to ensure all advisor work is coordinated and that strategies are integrated

  • Proactive, personalized, and responsive service

  • Support in finding a common family purpose and dealing with inter-generational challenges


Jeff Smith and Alisa Sattler are the dynamic coaching duo of Raising My Game Business Coaching. We specialize in supporting founders and entrepreneurs to grow and expand their business, while helping them to build and retain their personal wealth. We do not sell any financial products; we collaborate with you to create your Legacy Wealth Roadmap and your Legacy Wealth Financial Dream Team.


There are many ways that we can help you to grow your wealth with less stress, less taxation, and more protection. To learn more about how we can help you to grow and retain more of your wealth, please schedule a complementary call at


With gratitude,

Alisa and Jeff

Alisa Sattler

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