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Money Facts - The Keys to Preserving Your Wealth as a Business Owner

August 11, 20235 min read

Becoming a successful business owner is an accomplishment that requires dedication, hard work, and a vision for growth. However, the journey does not end in building a profitable enterprise. It is equally important to ensure that the wealth you have accumulated through your business is protected, invested optimally, and grows over time. Today, we will explore the vital strategies and principles that can help you retain and enhance your wealth as a business owner.

Diversification Beyond Your Business

While your business might be the primary source of your wealth, relying solely on it can be a challenge. Diversification involves spreading your investments across different asset allocations, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and more. By diversifying, you create a safety net that shields you from the volatility of the business world.

Long-Term Financial Planning

A solid financial plan is essential for preserving wealth. Set clear financial goals, both short-term and long-term, and align them with your personal and business aspirations. Develop financial strategies that enhance your business and personal wealth by ensuring that you save and invest a portion of your earnings regularly. Regularly review and update your financial plan with your wealth advisor, to accommodate changes in your business, based on market conditions and personal circumstances.

Tax Efficiency

Taxes can significantly impact your wealth accumulation. Collaborate with your accountant to identify legal strategies that minimize your tax liability while staying compliant with tax laws. Utilize tax-efficient investment vehicles to take advantage of deductions and credits and explore retirement account options that can provide tax benefits.

Risk Management and Insurance

Business and personal risks can erode your wealth if not effectively managed. Work with your team to identify the types of insurance that protect your business and personal assets against unforeseen events. This includes liability, property, and disability insurance to safeguard against unexpected health issues that could impact your ability to run the business.

Continuity Planning

One of the most critical aspects of preserving wealth as a business owner is ensuring a smooth transition when you decide to step down. Develop a comprehensive succession plan that outlines how leadership and ownership will transition to the next generation or a chosen successor. Creating a detailed, well-communicated, and legally sound plan will prevent disruptions that could affect the business's value and, subsequently, your wealth.

Legacy Wealth Planning

Navigating the complexities of wealth preservation requires expertise. Hire your team of financial advisors, estate planners, and legal experts that specialize in working with business owners. Their insights can help you make informed decisions, implement effective strategies, and navigate the intricacies of wealth preservation.

Money Facts - Here are some ideas that can help you with your legacy wealth planning:

  • Build your Legacy Wealth RoadMap: Building and passing on generational wealth requires planning and thinking in advance. Start by creating a financial plan that outlines your goals and objectives. Our Legacy Wealth RoadMap helps you clarify what you genuinely want for yourself and your family.

  • Dissolve debit: Paying off debt is an important step in building generational wealth. It frees up cash flow that can be used for investments.

  • Invest in education: Investing in education is another way to build wealth over time. You can invest in your own education or the education of your children.

  • Create a Legacy Wealth Dream Team: Meet with your team of advisors regularly. Coordinate and meet with your wealth manager, your attorney, and your accountant together – in the same room or Zoom- on a quarterly basis, to create and manage your plan. If you have the right team, they are stronger together than one on one.


Rely on Your Team of Experts

Understanding your business is the secret to your success. However, preserving your wealth is based on the wisdom of your financial dream team and by utilizing their best practices. At Rasing My Game Business Coaching, we begin the process by developing your Legacy Wealth Roadmap. Your Legacy Wealth Roadmap allows you to develop your plan, so that you can communicate your goals. Rely on your financial dream team to support you by understanding your blind spots.


At Raising My Game, we specialize in creating, managing, and maximizing the success of your Legacy Wealth Dream Team. Your personalized Legacy Wealth RoadMap is the first step to providing you with a unique understanding of how your wealth will cross generations while addressing the exclusive needs and goals of your family today and beyond.


Being a successful business owner goes beyond just generating profits; it is about ensuring that your hard-earned wealth remains intact and continues to grow. By planning for the long term, optimizing tax strategies, managing risks, and seeking professional advice, you continue to secure a prosperous financial future for yourself, your family, and your legacy. Wealth preservation takes time commitment from you as the business owner, but the rewards and tax benefits are well worth the effort.


Jeff Smith and Alisa Sattler are the dynamic coaching duo of Raising My Game Business Coaching. We specialize in supporting entrepreneurs to grow and expand their business, while helping them to build and retain their personal wealth. Since we do not sell any financial products, we collaborate with you to create your Legacy Wealth Roadmap and your Legacy Wealth Dream Team. There are numerous ways that we can help you to grow and retain your wealth with less stress and less taxation.


To learn more about how we can help you to retain more of your wealth, please schedule a complementary call at

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