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Money Facts - Why Successful Business Owners Have a Strategic Money Growth Plan

September 08, 20235 min read

Success in business is not solely based on having an excellent product or a brilliant idea. It is also about managing your assets and planning for future growth. Every successful business owner understands the importance of having a strategic money growth plan. Today, we will discuss some strategies, ideas, and concepts to create a thriving and financially successful money growth plan for your business. Let us discuss some of the valuable aspects of having this type of strategic planning in place.  

Financial Stability and Security: 

Having a strategic money growth plan for your business provides a greater level of financial stability and security. It helps you to anticipate and prepare for financial challenges both inside and outside of your business. Whether it is a sudden economic downturn, an increase in inflation, higher operating expenses, or higher taxes, a strategic money growth plan ensures that your business can remain resilient and adaptable, especially under stress.  

Money Goals and Achievement: 

Successful strategic money growth planning begins with setting clear financial goals. Your plan includes both your short-term and long-term financial goals for your business and your personal wealth. These goals act as benchmarks for your business's financial performance. Without a strategic growth plan, as a business owner, it can be challenging to track progress and adjust your investments accordingly with active market fluctuation.  

Risk Management: 

Owning a business inherently involves risks, however having a strategic money growth plan can help you to mitigate these risks more effectively. By assessing your risks, you can develop contingency plans and create the ability to pivot while making more informed decisions. This proactive approach can save you more time and money. 

Resource Allocation: 

A strategic money growth plan allows you to allocate your business resources more effectively. It guides your decisions on where to invest your money, whether in marketing, research and development, or expansion. Without a plan, you might end up overspending in one area while neglecting other areas that are crucial for growth. 

For example, recently we were working with a client who was entering a growth phase in their business, however they were unsure of the additional costs associated with the desired growth. Additional overhead expenses, labor costs, taxes, and adding additional staff, etc. created anxiety and overwhelm for the client. They did not feel confident in the expansion of their business. By creating their strategic money growth plan, we were able to support the client in the expansion process, by identifying areas where resources were available for reallocation, while identifying a lack of resources in other areas that created overspending, combined with a lack of tracking that uncovered less than optimal financial oversight.  

Money Fact - By creating a strategic money growth plan, our client feels greater ease and confidence in expanding their business. By having more effective strategic planning and oversight, the business expansion created an annual increase in revenue of 20% - 30% for the business. Additionally, our client is now able to invest more of their money in personal investments to increase their personal wealth, outside of their business. 

Profit Maximization: 

Successful businesses focus on maximizing profits. A strategic money growth plan identifies opportunities for revenue growth and cost reduction. This increases your business's profitability, ensuring sustainability and future expansion. When working with our clients we ask, questions like; “do you feel you are attracting your ideal clients?” Are you charging the right prices for your services? And “are you open to exploring new pricing options and strategies for retainment and growth of both new and existing clients?” Many times, we find that the client may be undercharging the customer for fear of losing their business and that ultimately the customer was not the right fit.  

Employee Morale and Retention: 

A financially healthy business and a confident business owner can attract and retain top talent. When employees see that the company is thriving, they feel more secure about their jobs and are more motivated to contribute to its success. This leads to increased productivity and lower turnover rates. 

Adaptability and Innovation: 

Markets are dynamic, and consumer preferences change rapidly. Having a strategic money growth plan encourages your abilities of adaptability and innovation. It allows you to allocate resources to ensure that your business remains competitive and relevant in real time. Business owners that are adaptable and resilient can pivot more easily under stress.  

Exit Strategy: 

Even if you are not thinking about it now, an exit strategy is an essential part of any business plan. Whether you plan to sell your business or pass it on to the next generation, a strategic money growth plan helps increase the value of your company, making it more attractive to potential buyers, investors, or your successors. 

Successful business owners understand that a strategic money growth plan is vital to your continued success. It provides you with financial stability, the ability to achieve your desired money goals, and offers a higher level of risk management and protection for sustainable business growth and increased personal wealth. We can help you to create your strategic money growth plan as part of your path to continued success. 


Jeff Smith and Alisa Sattler are the dynamic coaching duo of Raising My Game Business Coaching. We specialize in supporting founders and entrepreneurs to grow and expand their business, while helping them to build and retain their personal wealth. We do not sell any financial products; we collaborate with you to create your Legacy Wealth Roadmap for increased personal wealth and your Legacy Wealth Financial Dream Team for maximized wealth and asset management. 

There are many ways that we can help you to grow your wealth with less stress, less taxation, and more protection. To learn more about how we can help you to grow and retain more of your wealth, please schedule a complementary call at 

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